About The Blog

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who try and fail, and those who don’t do anything. My life is a roller coaster of trial and error. I feed off of Monday mornings, New Years and second chances. I delight in books about breaking records, putting yourself through hell and coming out stronger. My personal pursuits have ranged from weight loss, reading goals, cooking fiasco’s, writing deadlines, travel adventures and personal happiness feats. To test myself is to live. This quest is not one of indulgence any more than one of restriction. It’s about taking every opportunity to get the most out of life. That definition changes like the seasons. And I change with it. Isn’t this what we all want from life? The power to recognize each day for what its’ worth and to see it and appreciate the moments while they are happening? Please join me in this journey to seek out new experiences and wake up each day just happy to be alive!


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